OPE Scope

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Product Overview

When behind the gun, the scope is an extension of your eye. It’s the object peaking above ledges and brush, leaving you exposed if the scope is not properly concealed.
The OPE Scope kit changes the defined outline of your optics with just a pull on a few loops. Add local vegetation or tie in scrim like our Arrow Strips to increase the effectiveness.
The Scope kit includes two predetermined loop points for both the objective and ocular lenses. Two more cord loops are then used to secure the middle section of the netting to your scope body and aid in exposing your turrets for use.
OPE Gear recognizes the importance in going beyond “good enough”. We produce our products with 500D certified cordura material and is manufactered by US from raw material to the finished product.
The OPE Scope kit is the most durable option on the market, and is also IR and white light compliant.
The kit‘s material is anti-glare and shine, and verified to not reflect either LED or Laser-based IR spectrum light, as well as retaining its intended color/contrast. You’ll be subdued day or night.
Product Features:
  • Universal fit
  • Silent ruffle
  • No glare
  • UV treated
  • Water resistant
  • Rot and mold resistant


(No reviews yet) Write a Review