Helmet Husk

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Product Overview

The first thing you expose around corners or concealment is your head, so be sure it blends into your surroundings with the Helmet Husk.
The Helmet Husk breaks up the defined shape of your helmet, or the harsh edges of your boonie hat, and helps to not stick out so easily among the brush. Add local vegetation or tie in scrim to increase the effectiveness.
OPE Gear recognizes the importance in going beyond “good enough”. We produce our products with 500D certified cordura material and is manufactered by US from raw material to the finished product.
The Husk‘s material is anti-glare and shine, and verified to not reflect either LED or Laser-based IR spectrum light, as well as retaining its intended color/contrast. You’ll be subdued day or night.
Universal fit to helmets either slicked or kitted with night vision mounts, strobes and lights.
Product Features:
  • Oversized to accommodate add-ons
  • IR and white-light compliant
  • Silent ruffle
  • No glare
  • UV treated
  • Water resistant
  • Rot and mold resistant


(No reviews yet) Write a Review